Technology Timeline

Voters approved an operating referendum nine years ago that allows Montevideo Public Schools to go from being significantly behind in technology tools and support for learning to a leader in the region and state. 

Here's a look at how all those dollars were invested for students at a glance:

Year 1 - SmartBoards and projectors for grades K-5

Year 2
- SmartBoards and projectors for grades 6-12

Year 3
- Network switches and fiber optic cabling upgrades to support 10 Gbps connectivity between all buildings and networking closets throughout the district in preparation for supporting many mobile devices

Year 4
- Chromebooks on carts for the secondary grades and tablets for the elementary grades

Year 5
- Chromebooks for 1:1 grades 8-12

Year 6
- Chromebooks for 1:1 grades 6-7 and more Chromebook carts for grades 4-5

Year 7
- Access points installed in every classroom in the district to support full 1:1 computing everywhere in the district

Year 8
- Chromebooks for 1:1 grades 1-5 - at this point we reached 1:1 grades 1-12