Technology's Impact on English Language Learners

By Jessica Carbo

Jessica Carbo teaching
Montevideo Public Schools has helped English Language Learners (ELLs) thrive through the use of technology in the classroom. Technology has taken away many of the barriers that ELLs face in school. ELLs are more able to stay in the general education classroom because technology makes the curriculum more accessible. 

Students can learn at their own pace because of technology. Teachers can differentiate curriculum using online tools that allow ELLs to learn at their level while having access to the same material as their peers.

Teachers can use resources that will change the reading level of books and other texts to the student’s ability level. They can also put certain materials such as math books into different languages. This allows the students to better understand complex subjects like math and science in their own language while still learning English. 

Technology has also made school more fun and engaging for students. They can play educational games such as Kahoot or Quizlet that keep kids excited to learn. When kids are engaged in what they are studying, they learn more. This is the same for ELLs. They participate more through fun educational activities.

They also can participate without fear because they can communicate through their device in the classroom. Teachers can have all students answer questions on their device instead of calling on the same students who raise their hands. This allows ELLs, who often take more time to think, the opportunity to respond as well. 

Montevideo Public Schools, with technology, has helped ELLs to be successful in the classroom. This will prepare them for careers and future education after they leave our school.