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2021 Summer Junior Thunder Hawk Care Information & Enrollment Links

NOTE: Adaptations have been made to program practices and options to align with COVID-19 health and safety protocols. Information within our handbook and policies does not always reflect updated changes made to align with COVID-19 health and safety protocols or changes to program practices in response to COVID-19 considerations.


2021 Junior Thunder Hawk Care Summer Parent Handbook

JTH Summer Contract 2021 (fill out one for each child)

JTH Summer Registration Form 2021 (fill out one per family)

Thunder Hawk Care Summer Rec Activity Submission

**NEW - Summer JTH Registration:

Registration and Contracting for the summer program will be entirely online this year (similar to the school year). Families will be required to fill out ONE registration form per family/account, but will be required to fill out individual/separate contracts for each child enrolled in the program. The links to register and contract for the summer program will be available on the JTH section of the school district’s website on Monday, April 19th. An email and procare app message will be sent to currently enrolled families once registration is available and a notification will be posted on the Community Education Facebook page. Payment for the summer registration fee and first week’s tuition will not be collected at the time of registration, but instead will be added to your first week’s billing. Enrollment may be limited this summer due to space availability and current COVID guidance and restrictions. We encourage families to register as soon as possible to guarantee enrollment. 

Important Program Dates:

Last date to make changes to Summer Contracts: Friday, May 28th!

LTH & JTH Closed: Friday, June 4th

LTH & JTH Closed: Monday, June 7th

First day of Summer Program: Tuesday, June 8th

LTH & JTH Closed: Monday, July 5th

Last day of Summer Program: Friday, August 20th

LTH & JTH Closed: Monday, August 23rd - Friday, August 27th

First day of 21-22 School Year: Monday, August 30th

**NEW - Schedule Options: 


Full day scheduling (half days unavailable)

Hours: 5:45 a.m.- 5:45 p.m.

2-5 days per week (two day minimum schedule required for contracted rate)

Consistent schedules only - same days of the week, every week


Full day scheduling (half days unavailable)

Hours: 5:45 a.m.- 5:45 p.m.

Drop-in enrollment is currently not guaranteed at this time due to current COVID guidance - we hope to see adjustments to the guidance in the coming weeks that will allow for drop-in care. 

Fees are per child. 

Contracted Care Drop-In Care

$25.00 per day $28.00 per day

- 15% for each sibling after the first child. Discounts are given to the child contracted the fewest number of program components (days/times).

Fees apply to your contracted schedule regardless of attendance. 


Billing will be issued weekly, the week after service is rendered. Tuition Express will process weekly. 


Breakfast, Lunch, and Afternoon Snack are provided and are included in your daily rate

**NEW - Vacation Credit:

Participants enrolled in a consistent schedule (same days of the week, each week) for the full duration of the summer program (June 9 - August 20) may be eligible for credit equal to their contracted schedule. (Example: if you contract for Tuesdays and Thursdays, you would receive 2 vacation credits). Submission of a vacation credit request is required. The link to submit vacation credit requests will become available in May on the Junior Thunder Hawk page of the School District website. Vacation requests may be submitted before, or after the absence. Adjustments to weekly contracted schedules may result in adjustments to available/eligible vacation credits. 


Activities this summer will be onsite at one location - Sanford, with a focus on social emotional skills and fostering connection. A weekly lesson plan will outline activities planned: Art and crafts, social/emotional based learning, reading and language, health and safety, science-based activities, service learning, life skills and cooking, 30-60 minutes of movement daily, dramatic play, quiet time, free play, board games, manipulatives.

**NEW - Field Trips:

Field trips are not planned at this time due to COVID considerations. Onsite special events may be planned as allowed. If the ability to attend field trips arises in the future, we will plan and share August field trip information with families. All students who attend a field trip will be charged a $5 “Field Trip Fee” per field trip. Families who are not comfortable with field trips during this time may communicate their concerns with the Coordinator and alternate arrangements may be available. 

Summer Rec: 

JTH will walk children to, and from summer rec activities that are located within walking distance of Sanford, if weather permits. We are working closely with summer rec to ensure JTH students are grouped together on the same ball teams, swim lessons, classes, etc. whenever possible, to minimize potential exposure. Parents will notify JTH of their child’s Summer Rec enrollment/activities by filling out the JTH Summer Rec Schedule Google Form on the JTH section of the School District’s website. One week advance notice of activities is required to guarantee we are able to accommodate and coordinate someone to get them to and from their activities. Activities must be within walking distance of Sanford. The Summer Rec Schedule will be available to submit online in the beginning of May. 

Summer School:

Mr. Huntley will be overseeing Summer Targeted Services and Extended School Year Services (summer school) for grades K-7 at the Middle School. The current plan is to operate the program as they have pre-COVID. The program will start on Monday, June 7th and end on Thursday, July 1st (19 days). The program will run Monday through Friday each week (except for the last week). Current 3rd grade through 7th grade students will attend from 8:00-11:00 am and current Kindergarten through 2nd grade students will attend from 12:00-3:00 pm. JTH students attending summer school will have bus transportation provided to, and from Sanford (JTH) and the Middle School. Please Note: Since JTH does not start until Tuesday, June 8th, JTH staff will not coordinate transportation to, or from, summer school on Monday, June 7th. 


Students will be assigned to a pod/group.

There will be a maximum of 15 students in each pod.

Pods will be formed with considerations of grade, siblings and student needs.

Participants will remain with their group along with their assigned staff and will rotate throughout the day.

Withdrawal/ Contract Change:

Withdrawal from the summer program requires a two-week written notice. You will be charged according to your contract for the duration of the two week notice regardless of attendance. Families may make up to 2 changes to their contracted days throughout the summer. Contract changes require a two week written notice and may impact your vacation credit eligibility. 

Drop-In Requests:

To request drop-in care, parents must contact JTH directly (and receive confirmation) 2 business days prior to the date of requested care. To request drop-in care parents must call the JTH site cell phone at 320-435-0040. You may leave a message and a staff member will call you back to confirm the drop-in request. Drop-In care is only available if space and staffing allow. Drop-In care is not guaranteed. 

**NEW - Procare: Childcare App Requirement for families

Junior Thunder Hawk Care will use the Procare app for attendance and to stay connected with parents. If you are not currently enrolled or signed up for the procare engagement app, you will receive an email with directions for registering just prior to the start of the summer program. This email will have a unique code to add your child to your app. You will not be able to use the app without this code. Once signed up, you’ll be able to receive photos, videos, messages, and updates about your child’s daily activities. Anytime your child is dropped off or picked up, you’ll know. Parents will use the app to sign their children in, and out of the program daily and will be able to access lesson plans and menus. If anyone other than the primary caregivers will be picking up or dropping off there is no need to worry - program staff can assist with signing your child in or out at our front desk kiosk.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we try to work through all of this to provide the best possible care and educational opportunities for your child!

Automatic Withdrawal Form
Application for Educational Benefits